Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Macy's Bridal Event 7/10/11

Thank you to all who showed up to celebrate your wedding! We gave away hundreds of delicious cupcakes and had the opportunity to meet happy brides-to-be and grooms-to-be. Of course, the first thing I asked the happy couples was "Where are you going to for your honeymoon?" I'm always curious to see what destination has been chosen to relieve stress from doing all that hard planning. I heard, "a cruise", "Bahamas" and "Hawaii." All great places that I too would have picked.

Of course, I also met some exceptional business owners. April Dorsey, from The d-tales was there with her superb event planning tips and David Ramirez from Cocoa Latte made my heart skip a beat with his delicious chocolate truffles. I had the coffee one and it was to die for!

I also met a lovely lady who coincidentally had the same exact name as me, Milagros Rodriguez, production Director for Save the date, another bridal organization and floral company.

With my own wedding a mere eleven months away, I am  relieved that there are great people out there such as these whom a bride can partner up with to make her wedding even more fabulous.

I can't wait until the next event.

Happy Wedding!

Here's a picture of our cupcake tower at the Macy's Bridal Event. I love the submersible lights in the wine glasses!