Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turning regular desserts into cupcakes

Today my family and I decided to go to Tony Romas for lunch. After we all finished our salads, ribs and shrimp we took a minute to review the dessert menu.

(Do you see that beauty to your left?? I did and my tastebuds loved it. I am going to be really honest with all of you and admit that Tony Romas' red velvet cake was the best gosh darn red velvet I EVER ate! I almost removed my red velvet cupcake off our menu because I was ashamed! How do they do it?? It was velvety smooth and sponge like, warm and the icing was exactly what they meant when they said "icing on the cake" deeeeeeeeelicious!)

(Sandwhich cookie!! Bring back the childhood years. This dessert reminded me of the ice cream sandwhich cookies I used to eat as a child back in NYC)

(Bourbon Pecan Cupcake with ice cream. Yes, its already a cupcake but since we don't make ice cream I will redo this tasty dessert and make it a Jubilee cupcake. Who doesn't like Bourbon and pecans! Yumm!)

Now I am going to try and recreate some of these desserts into a Jubilee cupcake.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our new Cupcake lounge due to open in November!

Yes, I know...I wish we were in the new space sooner. But inspections take time and so do getting permits. Our contractors at Mulligan Construction are doing their absolute best to get us in our space ASAP.

So hang in there with me as we all dream along about our soon to come wine and beer parings, Italian Sodas and Cupcake Bar. Oh November...Sweet sweet November.

Waiting is such sweet sorrow.

In the meantime, which cupcake toppings would you like to see at the cupcake bar??

Spicy Chocolate Cupcake Pop

Available in store daily
(Vanilla cake, dipped in milk chocolate, sprinkled
with chili powder and topped with a hot tamale candy)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Secret Cupcake Flavor: Sponch Cupcake

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at walmart for some items for my household and came across these delicious looking cookies on the caribbean food section. Sponch! It's a Mexican shortbread cookie with four globs of very sticky marshmallow coated with coconut and a glob of strawberry jam in the middle. 

I thought they would be perfect for our secret cupcake flavors and so purchased a pack.
I will admit, they are the perfect toppers for our cupcakes.

We created these two delicious cupcake flavors for you to enjoy!

Vanilla or chocolate cake filled with marshmallow buttercream, topped with marshmallow buttercream, drizzled with strawberry cream cheese syrup and a SPONGI!

Enjoy! (Available in store only.)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spiced apple

Green apple spiced cupcake topped with cream cheese buttercream
and rolled in crushed walnuts! Availble until November 30th!

Mini Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Batty Cupcakes

Mini Batty cupcakes for Halloween.

Cupcakes in a Cone

Large Cupcakes in a cone!
Available in store or by special request.
Perfect for birthday parties!

Bubble Gum Cupcakes

Our October mini of the month is Bubble Gum Cupcakes! Bubble gum cake, bubble gum buttercream, topped with a Bubble Gum Ball. Bring back your happy childhood memories with this cupcake!

All month long: $1 per mini

Pink Ribbon Cupcake Pops

Aren't they lovely! A percentage of all sales from our Pink Ribbon Cupcake pops will be donated to Strides against breast cancer!

Cupcake Pops

Available in Red Velvet, Chocolate and Vanilla. Get yours in store today.  Also available by special order. (Minimum 1 dozen per order)

Three Tier mini cakes

It's not too often I make these little cakes but when I do I go all out!

Cupcake Reel

Cupcakes for "The Jamaican Jerk Tour" Dinner Event

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

Our Goodie Two Shoes has Mutated for Halloween!