Monday, November 22, 2010

A blessing or a curse?

I've asked myself this question since the first day after the Groupon event. Although I am grateful that Cupcake Jubilee! has received positive and continuous feedback, orders has quadrupled and I am soon opening up the Cupcake Jubilee! store, I am left to wonder if I should have taken things a little slower. Not because I'm not grateful or excited..but mostly because I did not give myself ample time to get used to the fact that I would have to deal with a lot of eccentric people.

I mean who orders a dozen cupcakes from a catering company located over 30 miles from where they live and not only impolitely ask for the order to be delivered under my 48 hour minimum order policy but DEMAND it? (not to mention they purchased my cupcakes at more than 50% off AND I lowered my minimum order of three dozen to one dozen for the Groupon event.)

Are there no cupcake stores outside of Orange County? If this is so, its valuable information for me as I look forward to expanding the business in the future. But geez, I could never be rude to people who handle my food.

Perhaps its a disservice we have done to ourselves as Americans by expecting everything to be owed to us. We want everything faster, healthier and cheaper and stomp our feet like spoiled little brats when things don't happen according to plan. Reality is, that's not reality.

Food is not 100% calorie free or carb free, cupcakes have fat in it, life isn't perfect and you simply cannot have everything "Your way" (unless you're in Burger King) At the end of the day, I'm grateful that I run a business I love and that I get the opportunity to serve nice, respectful customers who appreciate my desserts and my service all the while understanding that Cupcake Jubilee! is being run 100% by little ol' me.

Yes, at the end of the day I am grateful, even for the eccentricities of others.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Practicing my sugar skills

In the mist of renovating the lounge I've somehow managed to teach myself how to make sugar art for the minis. I read one how-to article and saw a few pics to familiarize myself with the do's and don'ts. With no thermometer on hand I kept a real close eye as I waited... and waited for the sugar concoction to turn that magical caramel color and then viola! I got the caramelized consistency I was waiting for.

So then I made cute curlies and broke off some of that funky drizzle and topped some mini cupcakes with them. Not bad for my first time. Darn, now what am I going to teach myself next?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Calling all writers, musicians and poets.

Cupcake Jubilee! is currently looking for the above said people. I'm first to admit (Seems like seldom are those who are willing to admit anything, especially in Florida) that Florida just does not compare to New York. In an attempt to revamp Florida I will start with Maitland. Especially since that is where our Lounge will be located. We will still be offering our catering services so don't you fret. But, our yummy cupcakes will also be available retail! woohoo!

Alas, the atmosphere at the Cupcake Lounge just would not be complete without the right atmosphere!! So there you have it. That's what we need, atmosphere..and I'm not talking about the gassy or full of yourself type. I'm talking ambiance people! So if you are one of the said above or know someone who is please email our events coordinator Diana at

And maybe, if I get some down time I will be able to re-edit my published novel and have a book signing event at the lounge. (That's a whole different blog. Yes, I'm a published writer.)

Well, toodles for now! Stay cool, calm and collected! xoxo

Cupcake Jubilee! at the food and wine festival of Baldwin Park March 5th 2011

I was pleasantly surprised that Cupcake Jubilee! received a personal invite to be part of the Food and Wine festival of Baldwin Park on March 5th 2011. The event benefits Cystic Fibrosis and we are so happy to help. More than 1,000 guests are expected and there will be festive tasting stations, a silent auction and entertainment. I think we will be auctioning a catering event. You'll have to check back with us again to find out!


Join us November 18th!

Cupcake Jubilee! has partnered up with Florida Barter and we will be showcasing our cupcakes on November 18th at The Florida Barter Trade Show.

Location: The Bahia Shrine Center
Time: 6pm - 9pm

There will be hundreds of other companies showcasing their products and also FOOD! mmmm Cupcake Jubilee! will be sharing samples with everyone and we will also have cupcakes for sell in case you can't resist eating just one.

See you there!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cupake Jubilee! finds a new home!!

First I'd like to say that I am overly excited to be leaving the commercial kitchen rental. We are moving on to bigger and better things. You will soon be able to drop on in to our cupcake lounge and enjoy free wifi, delicious seattles best coffee, fresh oven baked cupcakes and our weekly entertainment. (I'm thinking live jazz and a saxophone.)

I will apologize to all of you who tried to drop on in at our commercial kitchen rental to pick up your cupcakes. Though it clearly did say on your Groupon coupon how to redeem your coupon, most of you just simply did not read it. Tsk-tsk.

Don't worry, things weren't too good on our end either since the first day we started our business.  We've been extorted and bullied by plenty of people. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And as we New Yorker's say, "Keep it moving!" I'm a huge believer in karma and with wide opened eyes I can see the universe opening up paths for Cupcake Jubilee! that I never dreamed possible.

Also, we will be having a grand opening day celebration with fun things for the kids and stuff for the big kid in all of us. Stay tuned and please, stay out of the sun.


P.S. Since we are currently not baking cakes of any style we are considering showcasing another baker who specializes in cakes so that he or she can use our store to promote their beautiful edible artwork. If you know of anyone please email us at

P.P.S. We are not charging for this. You keep all your profit on the sales.