Thursday, November 4, 2010

Calling all writers, musicians and poets.

Cupcake Jubilee! is currently looking for the above said people. I'm first to admit (Seems like seldom are those who are willing to admit anything, especially in Florida) that Florida just does not compare to New York. In an attempt to revamp Florida I will start with Maitland. Especially since that is where our Lounge will be located. We will still be offering our catering services so don't you fret. But, our yummy cupcakes will also be available retail! woohoo!

Alas, the atmosphere at the Cupcake Lounge just would not be complete without the right atmosphere!! So there you have it. That's what we need, atmosphere..and I'm not talking about the gassy or full of yourself type. I'm talking ambiance people! So if you are one of the said above or know someone who is please email our events coordinator Diana at

And maybe, if I get some down time I will be able to re-edit my published novel and have a book signing event at the lounge. (That's a whole different blog. Yes, I'm a published writer.)

Well, toodles for now! Stay cool, calm and collected! xoxo

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