Thursday, November 11, 2010

Practicing my sugar skills

In the mist of renovating the lounge I've somehow managed to teach myself how to make sugar art for the minis. I read one how-to article and saw a few pics to familiarize myself with the do's and don'ts. With no thermometer on hand I kept a real close eye as I waited... and waited for the sugar concoction to turn that magical caramel color and then viola! I got the caramelized consistency I was waiting for.

So then I made cute curlies and broke off some of that funky drizzle and topped some mini cupcakes with them. Not bad for my first time. Darn, now what am I going to teach myself next?


  1. The cupcake? Nahh it was a regular vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I was just practicing the caramel swirls. I will probably only do this technique on special occasions because it takes way too much work and in Florida the humidity works against you.