Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cutest cupcake makers

Christmas is almost here. Yes, I know its three months away. But if you're like me and hate shopping during the bussiest time of the year then you're probably browsing gifts on online websites. (I hate standing on lines at stores.) So, being the cupcake lover that I am and Google lover, I googled cupcake maker and found two cute cupcake makers for my daughter who is twelve. I know, she could learn how to bake in a real oven, but I'm also an overprotective mommie. (That and the oven is my domain!)

The first cupcake maker I found was at walmart. It's by Girl Gourmet and is featured online as a bundle package because it comes with a ice cream sandwich maker also. And it's listed for only $30 for both. (Currently its sold out online. But I am sure you may find it on another website or store.

I also found an electric mini cupcake maker. Its manufactured by Smart Planet and claims to make six cupcakes in just five minutes! Not bad. It's listed for $17 on some websites on line. If you take a few minutes and google it you can probably find it for less. Target and Walmart don't have this one. But I hope they get them soon. I want one!

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