Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grand opening of Gay night at Aqua Lounge

Last night, I had the pleasure of creating and donating cupcakes for the grand opening of gay night at Aqua Lounge at Metrowest. It took four hours to make a hundred and fifty mini cupcakes because it was actually alot of work. I had to make the batter, then divide the batter into six bowls and then tint each batter the appropriate color. Then I had to layer the colored batter to match the gay flag's pattern. My biggest problem was deciding on the frosting design. I baked extra mini cupcakes just to practice my ideas and I ended up with two different designs. The greatest result was the design I am officially using as my signiature cupcake design. It's a cross between the shape of petals and butterfly wings. Over all the minis came out great and the party was even better.

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