Monday, March 21, 2011

My favorite cupcake decor store!

For those of you that don't know...I'm a New Yorker..a very much spoiled New Yorker who is used to finding everything I need or want quickly and in abundance. After moving to Florida I soon realized I had to not only adjust to the climate and slower pace of it all, but also get used to not being able to find anything I am ever in search of. Like, chocolate covered espresso beans. (My one favorite snack from a lifetime ago.)

So I was thrilled when I found D & G Occassions off of Colonial. They have just about everything the baker in me could want. (except for the chocolate covered espresso beans. I will have to keep buying those at Whole Foods.) The prices are pretty reasonable and they have so many goodies stocked that you can easily walk out with a full basket of goodies.

I always get my Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla there ($32) and pastry bags. I wish they had a better selection of mini cupcake liners and baking tins. Especially ones that go together. When I find the liner I like I can't find the tin that fits it and vice versa. Why don't cupcake liner manufacturers sell the coordinating tin for their liners? It would be an "Up-sell" for them and so much easier for the purchaser to get things from one place. grr. Anyway, D & G Occassions only carries one type of cocoa powder, Hershey's. Double grr.

Well, til next time! Keep baking! :)

(ohh that's where I purchased my banner! Only $60)

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