Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

I'm a last minute person when it comes to holidays. Mostly its because I never look at a calender unless I'm catering an event and the reminder has been programmed into my cell phone. This year I promised myself that I would be more involved with the holidays. I want to being out the creative side and come up with something I don't usually do with cupcakes. (Unless of course its a special order.)

So with Easter right around the corner I took some time out and created TWO Easter cupcake creations. One is an Easter dozen. (available in Vanilla or chocolate cake) The other is a bunny cupcake takeaway cake. (Available in Vanilla or chocolate cake)

They are both available for pre-order for pick or delivery.
I like the bunny so much. Hope you all do as well. :) 

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