Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Cupcakes for Wedding Season

You're probably really stressed out trying to plan your wedding, I completely understand. You have to order (if you haven't done so already) the flowers, invitations, bridal party gifts, decorations, dresses etc. The list can go on for ever and ever. However, the one thing you can scratch off your Bride-to-do-list is the dessert!

How? Easy... simply order cupcakes. :)

Cupcakes for a wedding can be customized to match your theme. And we have over 24 cupcake flavors which means instead of only being able to offer one cake flavor to your guests you can have as many as you want. You can even choose from a variety of cupcake sizes. We bake regular size cupcakes, minis or be adventurous and order both sizes for a real unique look on the cupcake tower.

Below I've attached the cupcake towers that we have on hand for your event.

Please contact us for cupcake tower rental information.

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