Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cupcake in a Jar: Island Girl

I will admit that I have been too busy to blog. With plenty of non profit events, busy days at the store and now planning my own wedding, I am exhausted. The energy Gods had mercy on me today though and plentiful was the creativity running through me. I welcomed this energy and created two Cupcakes in a Jar flavors that are currently available at our Cupcakery.

First up: Island Girl
She is a seductive one. Creeping up on your tastebuds with coconut stained lips and rum soaked tongue. Yes, a cupcake can be seductive. And this cupcake is simply that - seductive.

It is layered with Rum soaked vanilla cake, rum drenched pineapple chunks, Madagascar vanilla buttercream and coconut flakes.

Doesn't it look simply delicious? Tomorrow I will tell you about the other cupcake in a jar I created. xoxo

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